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В Ананьеве пасмурная погода, атмосферное давление в пределах нормы, высокая влажность (87%), штиль. Дымка. В Ананьеве (г.) сегодня в 20:00 ожидается +2°C, без осадков, легкий ветер.


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  • Доведені до відчаю дружини мобілізованих
    2020-05-27 07:37:23

    China sex show plans to reopen

    The women may be forced to reveal their private parts as well, said the woman, who is also a nurse.

    It's a "very, very serious issue," she said.

    "We think that there needs to be more training for people like us. We think it could also affect the future of the community if they see that our privacy is being breached."

    Ms Soubry said there was no guarantee women would not be asked to expose themselves in other public places, but it was clear sex workers would find it unacceptable.

    She had met one other sex worker and they had both reported sexual harassment by employees.

    "I don't want these people to look to my family for protection," she said.

    "They can go to my boss and tell them - 'Oh I'm being harassed'."

    Ms Soubry is also seeking an apology from the Victorian Government.

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