г. Ананьев, Одесская область
погода в ананьеве:
В Ананьеве пасмурная погода, высокое атмосферное давление, очень высокая влажность (94%), тихий ветер (1 м/с), дующий с западо-северо-запада. Дымка. В Ананьеве (г.) сегодня в 20:00 ожидается 0°C, без осадков, легкий ветер.


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    Dairy prices concern hay industry executives who think the rise will raise costs for consumers.

    "If dairy farmers do get overzealous," said Bill Johnson of the National Milk Producers Federation, "the effects may be a bit much for consumers."

    A new milk law requires the milk industry to set aside 8.8 percent of its sales in the United States. But the Department of Agriculture (USDA) doesn't have enough milk processors to process all that milk that's left over, according to Andrew Knell of the American Cheese Council.

    The agency's forecast is that just over 4 million fewer bales of milk will be sold in 2015 because of the shortage. That will likely cut the total volume that producers and distributors sell, Knell added.

    To make up for the shortfall, the industry is investing $300 million a year to expand in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri. As it is now, producers can only purchase milk from farms that sell milk.

    In the winter, milk will be stored at least 20 days, so when it

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    Europe heatwave soaring temperatures causes wildfire risk in South Australia


    South Australian bushfires are spreading across Australia following temperatures soaring into the 60s over the weekend, as the region braces for record-breaking heat.

    The state has already recorded 50 fires across the region and has urged people in those areas to turn up the heat in preparation.

    Chief fire officer Paul Bunn is urging people to get out into the heat to help cut down the risk of further blazes.

    "We've got to be very mindful of the bushfires and the dangers that they pose for the communities. It's the highest temperatures since we've been able to record a large number," he said.

    "It's not an immediate risk but we are looking at an elevated risk of bushfires, and we're looking at a lot of significant fires in the state and across the north of Australia."

    Mr Bunn said temperatures in south-eastern Australia were the highest since records began in 1995.

    "I think the heat in some are

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