погода в ананьеве:
В Ананьеве ясно, атмосферное давление в пределах нормы, высокая влажность (86%), легкий ветер (2 м/с), дующий с востоко-юго-востока. В Ананьеве (г.) завтра в 09:00 ожидается +14°C, без осадков, легкий ветер.


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  • Доведені до відчаю дружини мобілізованих
    2020-05-30 09:22:56

    Missing man found safe inside building

    Efforts to locate the injured man continued Monday morning after firefighters discovered a large, decomposed body inside a hotel room in the 1100 block of West Irving Park Road at 7:35 a.m., according to Chicago Fire Department spokeswoman Kim Hickey.

    "When they arrived they saw the victim lying on the floor with a large blood splatter on him," Hickey said.

    After determining the suspect was dead, investigators began the search for the suspect's last known whereabouts. Detectives spoke with the suspect's girlfriend and began helping to identify what was found, Hickey said.

    One person has been arrested and is being questioned for the murder, Hickey said. At least three additional people were also interviewed for information but none of the suspects are related, Hickey said.

    Police believe someone else is in the hotel room.

    A search has been extended into the surrounding area and is continuing.

    The victim, believed to be in his late 20s or ear