погода в ананьеве:
В Ананьеве пасмурная погода, атмосферное давление в пределах нормы, слабый ветер (4 м/с), дующий с юго-востока. В Ананьеве (г.) сегодня в 21:00 ожидается +17°C, дождь, легкий ветер.


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  • Доведені до відчаю дружини мобілізованих
    2020-05-24 19:31:43

    Experts push for osteoporosis drugs to fight fibromyalgia

    In the 1980s and 1990s, doctors used small doses of drugs called antipsychotics to treat patients with anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders. They eventually found that the drugs didn't work and made people anxious, stressed and depressed, and eventually prescribed more and more aggressive, life-altering drugs to try to change that pattern of behaviors.

    These new medications are used for depression, anxiety, addiction and bipolar disorder and have become so aggressive because of new, more complex brain imaging tests that are able to distinguish between patients who are psychotic and those who are depressed, stressed or in remission, but without having the severe side effects of antipsychotics.

    Patients are often prescribed these new drugs too early in the treatment of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder, leading to a rapid increase in side effects and increasing the drugs' price, which makes the treatments harder to